Surround speakers options?

I currently have a 2 channel system but I'am picking up the pieces I need to set up a HT. My front LR are Devore Silverbacks and I just got a Devore Gibbon 7.1 for my center. This will give me a Timber match across the front. I now need to locate some surrounds that are Dipoles, Devore does not make this type of speaker so I would like to know what to expect if I get a pair of Revel S30 for my surrounds. Will I notice the difference since they are not a Timber match to my fronts or since they are a diffuse type speaker will they blend in? Also they have a different sensitivity But a AVR should be able to set the levels to sound the same in volume correct? Thanks for any thoughts you have. Gary
Why do you want dipoles? Why not a pair of smaller DeVores?

Hi Kal my sofa is L shaped and sits against the right side wall and back wall so I need a speaker designed to mount on the wall. Devore no longer makes the Gibbon 7.1 and they are rare on the Gon. But they could be mounted on the the wall as the port is in the front. But his regular Gibbons have a port on the rear so they won't work. I thought that diploes were better for movies which is all they will be used for as compared to a direct source. Is this correct or not ? Gary

I have asome Totem Lynks Dipole speakers that I use for surrouds. They have a switch on the back that can be engaged or not depending on where you have them mounted.

Pretty nice sounding speakers. I bought them used on Audiogon for around $599.

Good Luck finding them used though, they don't come up very often. I think I might get another pair and run a 7.1 setup.
There is a pair of Devore Gibbon 3 monitors on Agon right now. I always recommend staying within a particular mfgr's line when assemblng a surround sound system, the transitions from side to side and front to back are much more seamless that way...

rlwainwright I have seen the Gibbon 3 but they have a port on the rear so I can't put them on a wall . I think I will put a wanted ad on Gon and see if I can locate a pair of Gibbon7.1 which will match my center and can be wall mounted. But I doubt that I will find a pair.
Johnbarlow the revel S30 also have this switch but the Lynks gives me another option. Thanks for the input. Gary