Surround Speakers for B&W

Looking for speaker recommendations to add surround speakers to B&W 601 fronts & CC6 center. Space is living room and wife doesn't want anything that takes up too much space. For example 600 S3 is too large for her taste. This is not a primary HT setup but I'd like to have 5.1 flexibility.


Why not go for a pair of B&W M-1 or the older LM-1 for surrounds.
Yes, totally agree with Scar972. Go for a pair of the B&W M-1s. I have them and they're fabulous for surround sound. Read up on them at B&Ws site. They're small, compact, and fairly good looking. But they're quite substantial in build quality and weight.

In black, they look smart. They're also available in silver and white. B&W calls them Mini-theater speakers. I believe new they sell for about $225.00 each. They should be placed a little above ear level when sitting down. B&W sells an optional stand for eac but they're rather pricey. I bought a pair of Omnimount HTS series telescopic type speaker stands for smaller speakers. Quite reasonable.
Thx for the suggestions. I'm leaning towards the M-1s but for the price of LM-1s I might give them a shot if I come across a black pair.

stick w/the B&Ws for smoother transistion
I am running era d4's which are really good and pretty small. nice finish as well. they can hang with stout 5.1 music with ease. Wife even let me keep the grills off as she likes the veneers. go figure.
If you are trying to save space, get the M&K K5's, a small speaker system that will sound stunning