Surround Speakers

My main speakers are Aerial model 6 main speakers and a cc3b center speaker. I unfortunately cannot afford to purchase the matching SR3 rear speakers. I am considering purchasing the Axiom QS8, Energy V2.0Ri or the Paradigm Reference ADP speakers. Does anyone have any experience or thought of which of these speakers might best match up with my Aerial speakers.
Thanks in advance,
Your killing me, You have an aerial front end and you want to put something inferior in the rear. THAT HURTS!

I have all aerial in my H/T too, I couldn't afford the sr3's but I didn't let it stop me from over extending myself on a credit card.

Come to think of it, I couldn't afford the SW-12 either but I ended up with two before it was all said and done.

The CC-5 was definitly out of my price range but looks and sounds great in my system. Last but not least a pair of LR-5's Those I actually had enough money for :^)

Hind sight tell's me I probably shouldn't have fallen for the rosewood finish but such is life.

Get what you need for now, don't spend a lot, then upgrade as soon as possible, you'll be happy when it's all matching will not realize the potential of surround sound unless all the speakers are top quality, preferably the same.
how large is your room? do you play movies more than music? this can make adiffrence.if movies is #1 you need same all around. if music small will do. all so distance of spkr, is very imprt.
Aunest...I would say it's the other way around. Have you listened to any of the European Audiophile DVD-A discs from Tacet or MDG, or the domestic products from AIX? These, and some SACDs, caused me to upgrade my rears from pretty good Dynaudio monitors.