Surround Speaker wire Recs - WAF need

I have gone home theater route in my old (60 year) house. We are having remodeling done and my installer tells me the only viable place is along the baseboards. I need a good and fast recommendation for this. The wire needs to be unobtrusive. Have three runs of about 45 feet Thanks. Richard
Get up in the attic, carefully measure which studs you need to be between, and raise and drop the wire through electrical outlet sized holes. You can use cable tv outlets to cover them. No attic? AudioQuest makes a very flat wire that's supposed to sound good on long runs from Audio Advisor. Have your remodeler put a 3/4" mortise bit in his router and rout a dado in the back of the molding just deep enough to hold the wire. No problem.
kitch29 is exactly right. The mortise behind the molding is not only the easiest solution but since it is only behind the moulding it remains accessable if you need to add/change wire out. You may need to go to a little taller moulding then before. If you are worried about nail protection then run 3/4"EMT conduit in the dado and pull the wire through it. This is a common problem found on most older homes or homes without access to the attic.
You can also buy home theater speaker radio transmitting and recieving units. I don't know how their sound quality is. This means you don't have to run ANY wires. Radio shack also sells ones to transmit Video ! This means you can send the outputs from you cable box to several TV's in your house. You need to buy receiver's for each tv.
Richard- HOw about down into basement and then back up thru floor.
Many thanks for the recommendations. I don't have an attic or basement and no space to run above the ceiling. Therefore the idea on the baseboard is perfect. Ordered the stuff from Audio Adviser should be here today. Thanks for the fast responses. Richard
Dude got his wires run, satisfied his wife, and nobody insulted Carl, a pretty good day. Now if someone would get the point of Trelja's post about auctions, we hit for the cycle.
I had the same problem and pulled off the baseboards and cut about 1 inch of drywall off the bottom of the wall. Then run your wire and re-install the baseboard. It's not too difficult. Just be careful when pulling off the baseboard. It can break quite easily. If you do break it or screw it up, you can buy new stuff and paint it for a small price.
Marcy- if you use a putty knife about 4" wide at the tip and moderately stiff close to the nails, the trim pulls off easily, although the occasional break will happen. Ifyou do remove drywall from the bottom,even tho a small gap is left by the taper to avoid wicking moisture into the wall, fill the space with an expanding spray insulation. Avoid "Great Stuff", it expands too much, really bad around windows and doors. DAP makes a similar product which expands much less. The room will be warmer and the critters will have to find another way in. Routing the back is still best. Say, I wonder if a shelf made of DAP would be a good damper for the Plinius? Let's ask REDKIWI!
Kitch29- glad to someone retains their sense of humor and doesn't take this so seriously. I can always use a chuckle on Fridays (and Sat.-Thurs also).