Surround Speaker Question

I am looking for a pair of surround speakers. I will most likely purchase them used. Any recommendations in the $200-$500 used price point per pair?
I would recommend Triangle Titus for surrounds. They are electrostat fast.
But there are many monitor sized speakers in your price range that will do a fine job.
Good luck.

What speakers do you have for your fronts and what are you using for electronics? If you simply ask what are good surround speakers, I think that's the wrong question. If you get a different brand of speakers than your fronts they likely will not be timbre matched and when you ha e surround effects, especially effects that go between the surrounds and mains, it will sound different.

Secondly, you can either go for direct radiating or dipole surrounds. There are merits to each. Thus you may be able to get a direct radiating speaker (like a bookshelf) version of your fronts. You then have both timbre matching and placement options.

Timbre is not critical for the surrounds. Fronts and center, yes.
I would disagree with that statement... If you go back to the days of Pro-Logic, yes, surrounds were limited to a point where you could use very different speakers than your L/C/R's. Today, the high resolution formats and the amount of information used in the surrounds, you'll head the different right away. Use timbre matched surrounds to your fronts (best would of course to have all identical speakers, but that's not always practical)
Thank you all very much. I am using a Krell HTS preamp, Sherbourn Power, Faroudja DVD/CD, and Martin Logan Source speakers for main
As usual, there are going to be some that read to much into it. The OP wants a suggestion on surrounds without giving any info on the rest of his speakers.
Myself, I feel any good dynamic speaker that will convey background info will do in a normal HT setup.
If he was so critical, he would already know to buy the same brand and model as his fronts.
I must add that the BEST surround speaker would be the same speaker as the fronts.
But I gather that the op is looking for an alternative speaker that will work well.
I think th best surrounds are from the same manufacturer as your fronts. That way they are similarly voiced .
i'd consider your movies (assume that is why you have surrounds) and then consider your budget. personally I only have a couple movies with enough content to worry about surrounds and consequently I think I overspent on my rears. YMMV. Mind I have movies with content but only one or two where the matching to the fronts makes a difference utilize my quality rears.
You can get some Martin Logans (used) for a price that hits your budget. Used you can look at the LX-16. If you have space for in-wall, then look at the Martin Logan Passage. They are on sale from $799 each to $299 at Audio Advisor.

The Audioholics store has additional Martin Logan speakers at a clearance deal at: Martin Logan Source speakers are on sale from $1,100 to $600.

For a time, I used high quality Focal surrounds to mate with my Revel fronts. There was a indeed a difference and it was noticeable.... and it was bothersome. If you can afford it, try and timbre match your setup with the same brand. Chances are they will tend to be voiced similarly.

I disagree with the opinions that the surrounds don't matter. They do. If it's not within budget and you need to compromise, that's one thing, but if you can make it work within your budget then do it.

You also do not need dipoles for surrounds so if you're worried about that, then don't. Using direct firing/direct radiating speakers works perfectly in a surround setup and many of the higher-end manufacturers don't make dipoles any longer for the surrounds.
Here, look at this auction for Martin Logan Vignettes. I think you found your solution.
: Zmanastronomy
Timbre is not critical for the surrounds. Fronts and center, yes.

This would be wrong.

As usual, there are going to be some that read to much into it. The OP wants a suggestion on surrounds without giving any info on the rest of his speakers.

More bad info. Many don't mention what they listen to, size of room etc, then when asked know they should have included.

Why do you feel it important to make so many incorrect assumptions?
you all make valid points. there are many factors to proper speaker set up. i think that matching your surrounds are the way to go. i agree that unmatched surrounds will compromise proper timber matching.

as someone else and dipole speakers are options. with my experience, using direct firing is really crucial on placement. they must be behind and above your listening position. if positioned on your sides, they will fire directly in your ear and it will probably bother you as it will be easy to localize the sound. you want surround to be non localized. so depending on where you are gonna set up your surrounds, that tip may help you chose.

my room is small so dipoles works best for me as it spreads out the sound better than directs.

these are the best surrounds i have ever used but i am selling them because i changed speakers and dont use them anymore. i held on to them because they are so special, but they have been in my closet too long and its time to let someone else enjoy them. they are a bit out of your price range but they are well worth it.

i do recommend matching your fronts.

good luck
To nineballg's point,

Having direct-radiating surrounds works very very well now with lossless codecs. I use direct radiating surrounds an point them all directly at the listening position. I've put my sides at a 110 degree angle. My anthem preamp allows me to specify dipole or direct radiating for all surrounds. I chose that instead of 90 degrees based on reading Floyd Toole's book and reason the spec for DTS and Dolby lossless setups.

Now, my surrounds are all 9 feet from the primary listening position. If your surrounds are foing to be 3 feet away, then it may be a different situation. :-).

But my serious point is that direct firing surrounds work incredibly well and I actually prefer it to dipole.

to theo, i totally agree with you. you have the perfect set up which is why i think directs will work well. 110 degrees is a bit behind your listening position and it is highly recommended.

also, having all your speakers positioned the same distance away is key.

not everyone has the perfect set up, and if someone had to live with surrounds 3 feet away with front channels 9 feet away for example...i think directs would not work well.