Surround Speaker Confusion with Denon Receiver

Hope someone can clear this up for me. I have a Denon AVR 3300, 5.1 receiver. It actually has 2 side channel speaker connections (left and right side) but it also has 2 additional side channel connections so you could actually have a 7.1 configuration. My question is this, does anyone know if the 2 additional connections are discrete rear left and right signal channels or are they just receiving the same side signal as the 2 side channels, in other words is this a true 7.1 reciever or just a 5.1 reciever with extra side channel channels? Thank you for clearing this up for me.

Good question. Doesn't your manual say? I'm pretty sure there aren't any dvd's with discrete 7.1 so it might end up being a moot point anyway. They might just be matrixed. Sorry I couldn't be any more informative. Dan
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There are movies, DVD's with discrete rear channel information (6.1 or 7.1, the 6th channel is dicrete rear channel info only, totally separate and different than side channel signal) that is completely separate from the side channel information, I do know this.

I have read the manual but there is no clear cut answer to my question there. The reason I ask is so I know whether or not to upgrade to a new 7.1 receiver in order to get the discrete rear channel information. Thanks again for all the help and advice.
I had a Denon AVR-3300 years ago. As I remember it, it was a 5.1 channel receiver, so the additional surround speakers likely just receive the same signal as the other pair of surround speakers.

I would check the manual to verify....

I have a 3803 (I think that's the number) and as I recall those additional two channels are there so you can switch between them and the 'regular' rear channels--the manual makes a distinction between movie and cd sound. I agree with those who say read the manual--even though you already have. There is SO much material and they are poorly written that I have read parts of mine 10 times before I 'got' it....and I have been in hifi a long time. I am not aware of true discrete dvds, but I don't pay any attention to video. SACD's are 5.1 at most. good luck!
If the additional side channels have both inputs and outputs, then they are discrete. If they don't they could be a combined signal of the other outputs. Otherwise, read the manual or call Denon.
Thanks everyone for your replies and help, I will go back to the manual and try again. Everyone have a great day.