surround sound selection. help

i am looking for a preamp-surround sound 2-3000 ranges for HT use

integra research rda 7
front channel ML request
center ML cinema i
rear /side B&W on wall dipole
subwoofer Rel storm
screen Stewart Firehawk 100 inch
projector NEc HT1000

possible candidate

integra RDC 7
proceed avp? what's ther difference between AVp and AVP 2
Krell showcase or AVS
any other suggestion

thanks for the input

Try the Krell Showcase. I own and love it. It is, by far, the best surround processor in its price range and it does a better then expected job with 2 channel sound. I have my system optimized for 2 channel music listening and I've had some friends who are dedicated 2 channel folks come and listen and they are shocked a how well the Krell performs. I've owned the AVP and I was not impressed at all. In fact the AVP only lasted a week in my system and I sold it. Try the Krell, you will not regret it........John