Surround sound processor vs receiver

I love my Rotel RSX-1057 and all of its fantastic features and audio options. I don't use the tuner or the internal amps as I have a Rotel RMB-1075 MC amp. Am wondering if there would be any audio benefits and sound improvement if I were to upgrade to strictly a surround sound processor and sell the 1057. Should I upgrade and would there be noticable significant different in performance?
Sounds like a nice setup but of course it could always improve sound quality wise. Have you looked at the Cary cinema or Krell unit?
Thanks. Yes it is a sweet setup. No I haven't looked at the Cary or Krell units as they're most likely out of my budget. But I'll take a peek on-line. Thanks.
My guess is that the biggest advantage would be the recent improvements to DSP, provided you like that idea. Audyssey xt32 is pretty amazing, but the digital room EQ approach is not for everyone. If you actually use these features, then my Onkyo 5508 pre-pro might appeal to you. If not, my guess is that the "unprocessed" performance of the Onkyo (or it's near identical cousin, the Integra 80.2),would not diifer much from your present system. However, that last part is stricty a guess.

You might want to look at the ROTEL RSP1570 I looked at alot prepros at its price range and thought it sound quality was better .If want to run XLR cables look at used KRELL S1000 or a showcase or maybe Parasound HALO C1 OR CLASSE 600 .