Surround Sound Processor Pre-Amp Performance

I really do not want to have to incorporate surround sound processor and a stero pre-amp in my system as I'd rather have one piece that can do it all, (movies plus CD listening).

Would be interested in hearing feedback around which Processor delivers a great movie experience with little to no comprimise on the stero pre-amp part of the equation.

Is what I'm looking for futile, or is there a reasonalby priced, (under $6,500) processor out there that can deliver both??

Here I am hawking Bryston again. They should put me on the payroll.

I would recommend putting Bryston's SP1.7 on your short list of auditions.

I love mine.

I have also heard and liked Classe, Sunfire, and Krell. But my ears preferred the Bryston in my price range (4k).
I love my Integra Research RDC-7. See Stereophiles Guide to Home Theater FEb 2001 review online. Good Luck.
The Sunfire Theater Grand series is very good. I have the current III edition. You can find it new for $2,600-2,800 range, considerably less than the MSRP. Also, the II edition may just do as well which you can find at an even better price.

Happy shopping.
"Distortion" does not need to apologize for recommending the Bryston SP-1.7, since it is an excellent pre/pro. I do, however, understand his concern about "pimping" the Bryston line, since I am equally guilty. I have one of the first Bryston SP-1's produced (serial number 10, upgraded to final version software), and have been extremely pleased with it. It offers great HT surround processing, and excellent sound quality in either its digital or analog-bypass mode.

The SP-1.7 differs from the SP-1 by having analog 5.1 inputs for SACD / DVD-A, plus digital processing for Dolby ProLogic 2 and most of the other 6.1 and 7.1 channel formats. If these features are not of interest to you, then the SP-1 can be purchased used for a lot less money than the SP-1.7.

As a point of interest, I made a post several weeks ago that the Bryston SP-1.7 had recently been chosen by Mi Casa Studios to do the DVD soundtrack processing for "Finding Nemo", "Lord of The Rings", and a number of other DVD releases of major films. For more info, go the following Bryston Web page:
The Meridian 568.2 is near that price (the 568.1 is <$3000 used) and, as an owner, I can attest to its sonic performance. Magnificent. Check the reviews - simply breathtaking. If it matters to you - it has been Stereophile rated Class A as both a preamp and processor.
Keep your Cal SSP, It is the best you will find for both
worlds. I have my SSP powered by two Threshold T200's
Bridged with Cardas Golden Reference I/C's,partnered
with the Meridian 508.20 going to Aerial 10 t's and I'm
in two channel heaven. For HT the Cal series Pre, Dvd,Amp
all to 4 aerial 10 t's and center channel for the most
dynamic HT I have heard period.I have read some goner's
statements that the Cal 2500 series is bright. They must
have used the 2500 series with Bose speakers..,The Cal in
my opinion has the most dead quiet background and is the
cleanest sounding HT processor made so far to date. No bell's and whistles but I don't need bells and whistles,
I need the best sound available to my ears and I run everything direct so no video swithing needed. I have compared my 2 channel set-up to 27k of Ayre's new product's
to my Aerial's and the sound was phenominal but did not
leave me wanting to change my system. I listened to Levinson
380's with upgrades powered by Boulder power and still came
home and felt nothing missing when I powered up my system.
The Cal system is detailed, smooth and dynamic all when it
is called for.

Thanks for your response to my processor thread. If you would not mind I'd love to give you a call with a couple of questions regarding front speakers, video switchers and 5 channel amplifiers. It appears you have heard some JM Labs as well as the Ariels and I was looking at a pair of the 8's on Audiogon that are now under $1,800. Have an older pair of JM Labs the 913 Spectrals which I have been offered $2,500 for so I'm thinking switching to the 8's might be an upgrade. Would love to chat relative to your opinion of the 8's versus the 10's versus one of the higer end JM Lab Electra 936's. I'm going to eventually spring for a five channel amp and once again would appreciate your comments on the Theta Dreadnaught versus the Cal 2500. I'm keeping the Cal-2500 as I got a full offer on the Classe.

Thanks again for all of your comment and if you don't mind sharing a phone number with a convenient time to call, I'd appreciate taking 10 to 15 minutes of your time.