Surround Sound Amp and Processor

What would the group recommend for an excellent 5 channel amp and processor?  I have B&W 804s (front right and left), B&W 805s (rear right and left, and B&W center channel.  I'm playing stereo with a separate amp and preamp.
What kind of B&W 804 do you have? The 804 D3, 804 D2, 804 D1 or 804 N or 804 S? What kind of stereo preamp and power amp are you using right now? 
So let me get this right, you are only doing 5.1 setup, correct? And you already have a separate stereo preamp and amp for your front 804 front speakers, correct? So basically you will only need a surround processor and a three-channel power amp to power your center and surround speakers in order to complete your 5.1 HT setup, correct? 

If you only need a three-channel amp I would highly recommend the Parasound Halo A31 three-channel amp. If you need a five-channel amp I would recommend either the Parasound Halo A51 or the Rotel RMB-1585. 

For surround processor I would look into the following : Marantz AV8805 or a recently discontinued AV8802, Classe Sigma SSP, Classe SSP 800 (discontinued), Anthem AVM60, Audio Control Maestro M9 or M7, Arcam AV860, Bryston SP3 or the new SP4 if you can afford it, Lyngdorf MP-50, NAD M17 or the new M17 v2, Krell Foundation.