Surround Receiver For Zu Druid ?

Hi, first post so be gentle :)

I've got a full surroundsystem with the Zu Druids and I was hoping someone here got any idea what would be a good pre/pro or receiver for this system?

This is obviously a compromise in the music department, and a expensive 2 channel tube amp wouldn't be practical enough for me, but I would like the receiver to sound good in stereo, what brands do people use with Zu? or Is It just me who got the Druids for a 5.1 system?
b&k is always a great choice--best avr for two channel that i've heard. fewer bells and whistles than the mass market asian stuff, but much better built. the 307 and 507 units are generally available used for $500-$1000.
i'd also consider arcam (250 or 350), which are also very well built, excellent for music and comparatively inexpensive used.
thanks for great input, I'm not sure if B&K is available here In Norway tough, but sounds like really good amps!
How do they sound like? I've tried Arcam AVR300 on my system, and it's not the best match with my Zu's in my opinion, but it all depends on taste of course.
If you are set on using a receiver for your Druids, look into some used Sunfire. They made some very nice sounding receivers in their day and should be fairly reasonably priced on the used market.

What made the sunfires so good?

Also, I have become quite frustrated in my search, and think I may be better off with $100 external DAC plus whatever amplifier I want. Computer can take pre-amp duty.

This seems a better approach than trying to find a good amp that has decent DAC and requiring it to be a preamp too.

Laughably small by audiophile standards.

More importantly, there are room/placement considerations that have enough impact on playback that it just doesn't make sense to spend too much on an amp, as I also need 2 subs.

If I can get amp, DAC, (preamp) and 2 subs for $1000-$1500 I will be very happy
IF you can get one of the newer receivers that have the room correction equalization on it, it might be worth your while, as it could take the room factor out of the equation. Maybe from Integra, Marantz, etc.

Question about your Druid set up. Do you have the gap between the floor and bottom of the speaker base properly set? If not, I would recomment you adjust to Zu's recommended height as this can also have a direct effect on the bass.
Ton1313: I got "get better sound" by Geoff Smith and actually have spent a lot of time positioning the system. It was well worth the effort, and the book is well worth the price. Given the constraints of reality (WAF, size of house, etc.) I feel good about positioning.

I need to experiment more with the port, but the problems I hear in the bass are not related to the port depth.