Surround Receiver For Zu Druid ?

Hi, first post so be gentle :)

I've got a full surroundsystem with the Zu Druids and I was hoping someone here got any idea what would be a good pre/pro or receiver for this system?

This is obviously a compromise in the music department, and a expensive 2 channel tube amp wouldn't be practical enough for me, but I would like the receiver to sound good in stereo, what brands do people use with Zu? or Is It just me who got the Druids for a 5.1 system?
I just bought a Onkyo 906. I'm used to using top products, and even I found it very enjoyable. 2 channel isn't as good as Ive heard, but still very good. And as far as home theater- good as it gets! All the latest HD formats, and a nice 1080p up conversion makes this a real bargain at $1300 new. I looked at the denon and yamaha receivers and this crushed both, other then there current flagships, which are much much more.

Believe me, the compromise isnt near as much as some audiophiles will have you believe. Receivers have come along way. Unless you own the latest seperates, Id actually prefer this receiver over all.

And a cool feature is the bridge and bi amp modes to the front channel! 280 rms watts!
thanks for the good advice! I'll have to check that Onkyo out. Do you use Onkyo with Zu? so you actually know its a good match soundwise?

I get good prices on Denon, Marantz and Onkyo, So I guess I'm considering buying one of these flagships, like Denon AVC A1HD.. I can't se that Onkyo have a flagship?

I also get good prices on Parasound and Nad, so I'm considering the new Nad M15 HD Pre in combination with either parasond A52 or the Nad M25.

But It all depends on how got they sound i stereo.

The Denon AVP A1HDCi is a pre/pro, not a receiver.
Thats why I wrote AVC A1HD ;) thats a receiver..
Whoracle - Integra is the Onkyo flagship brand - like Lexus to Toyota - go for that if you can get the discount - or do as many of us do, get a top of the line pre/pro from Integra and then a multi-channel power amp to suit - lots of choices there from Anthem to Krell - theory being you get a better amp and the amp is not going to change over time while inevitably the pre pro will
I don't have zu druids but I do have sonus faber grand pianos and I do listen to them in stereo. I have a onkyo 906 and I have to agree with everything said above about it. Sounds surprisingly good for a receiver. I was blown away. I stepped down from current lexicon pre/pro and levinson amps and it sounds damn near the same. Its a great receiver.
yeah I remember the Integra, just slipped my mind because these models doesn't excist in europe, I chould have mentioned that I'm from Norway ^^ I need 230V 50Hz power supply aswell.
Suppose I could go for a Pre of some kind, and a Parasound A 51 pro? Witch I get good prices on.
The Onkyo 906 is the current flagship. Its actaully the exact same as the older Integra 8.8 but has been updated with features. Basically change the name plate and add features, and you have the Onkyo 906. I would have went integra 8.8 and saved some money, but the Onkyo 906 is better at this time. Im sure integra will have a new one out soon to trump it.