Surround Processor/Receiver for HT addition to 2 ch system

Girlfriend moves in, have to integrate previously separate HT and 2 channel systems into one. Current low end Denon HT receiver has no pre-outs (I was stunned to discover), so I need a new processor/HT receiver to drive just the center at the moment, and likely rears when I purchase some. My current 2 channel system consists of Focal 927be and a Musical Fidelity A308 Integrated (which does not have a HT bypass).

Most of these receiver units are so "feature rich" with tons of inputs and flashy digital functionality that I'm afraid the DACs/sound quality will suffer. All I really care about is the DAC and ability to pre-out to my 2 channel system.

I'm hoping to not spend more than $1k, preferably pre-owned. Any thoughts on a receiver or processor I should consider?


The MF A308 does have HT bypass. It's aux 2, labeled HT Direct on the rear. Front L&R preout of a HT receiver input to aux 2, then the A308's volume control is bypassed leaving the HT receiver to control the volume. I also have a MF A308 Integrated.

Oppo 103D + Parasound P7 multichannel preamp
tls49 - I feel like a moron. Never looked on the back, and I read in another thread that someone said the A308 didn't have HT bypass. I could have just looked at the unit I own!

erik_squires - I watch movies via a roku at the moment, so I don't think I have a need for the Oppo, and the Parasound is just an analog preamp unless I'm mistaken - I need a processor/preamp I believe.
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So you now have to combine your sound systems and buy a new AVR because you invited your girlfriend to move in, but not finding the HT bypass is what makes you feel like a moron?  Dude.

Emotiva just announced a lightweight HT processor you might like. The BasX MC-700. You can use that long with a 2CH preamp that has HT bypass capabilities.