Surround Processor-Programmable for No SubWoofer

Again, I'm poking my nose over the fence, on to the HT side.

I am planning to integrate a surround system with my 2-channel rig.

This system will likely be used 90% or more of the time for 2-channel music listening and surround for movies/concerts, at times.

I am looking for recommendations for good quality/high value surround processors that can be programmed to NOT incorporate a subwoofer.

I do want of the low frequency information to be processed & distributed. However, I want that information sent to the Front/Left & Front/Right (main) speakers, not through a channel that is deisgnated for a sub.

As far as budget, I don't want to spend more than necessary, especially considering the limited use. However, the quality/performance should be on par with brands like: Electrocompaniet, VAC, Daedalus, PS Audio, Kubala-Sosna.

Please let me know of any brands/models that you recommend looking at.

Thank you.
Proceed AVP end of story, used one is between $500-$750 outstanding 2-channel music, everything is at your command. Look it up through the reviews.
Pretty much any modern pre/pro you can purchase today whether new or used will allow this hook up scheme. You don't have to program it, you simply go into the pre/pro's menu and disable the subwoofer in the speaker setup. This will automatically direct any LFE info to the main L/R speakers.
Note that some processors discard the LFE channel when no sub-woofer is present to avoid over-driving the main speakers (the LFE channel has headroom for 115dB SPL at the seats vs. 105dB from the main channels).

Dolby permits this behavior
Thanks for the input. Sorry for the delayed reply.

I am looking for suggestions on the following:

1) Current Model Processor.
2) A processor that does not discard the low frequency info, when there is no sub. I want the processor to truely send all of that info to the F/L & F/R, main speakers.

Thank you for your suggestions.