Surround Processor Choice

Looking for an excellent performing surround processor that reproduces 2ch exceptionally aswell.

Has anyone heard the new Integra 9.4 DTC with the Chad remote. Apparantly the older RD7 is an excellent processor wondering if the 9.4 will be just as good or better?

The Anthem AVM 20 has everything from XLR ins to Outs.

Any feedback is greatly apprecaited!!

I have an AVM-20, and couldn't recommend it more highly for the price. I looked at the RD-7 equally at the time, which cost over a grand more new compared to the Anthem, and I just could not justify the extra money (especially for a Japanese Onkyo product).

The Sonic Frontiers/Anthem house sound is there, and comes from their experience with hi-end tube products, DAC's, etc. This unit has a very intuitive configuration setup and consistently better software is offered regularly via their website. Each new software rev includes an entire replacement manual, and it is always well-written.

I find it to be a very graceful, feature-filled pre/pro, capable of every potential combo of connections that I could ever think up. I have had Zero trouble out of mine, and it is one of the earliest units around. It has never locked-up or acted quirky at all, which is apparently NOT the case with some well-known (and more expensive) competitors - the Proceed AVP is one example.
I second the Anthem AVM20 recommendation. I've had mine for about 1 month and could not be happier.
Check out the Parasound halo c2 for sonics at least equal, if not better for ht, and one of the best non digitised analog 2channel and multi outs available.

Widescreen reviews september issue reviews the c1[same as c2 with added monitor] as a bargain at 6k.
They said the dacs were superior to there reference Tag av32/192 and the analog outs compared to the McCormack dap-1 analog multi channel preamp.

The c2 can be had for around 3k street and is exactly the same as the 6k c1 sonically,is fully upgradable and comes whith a 10 year warranty..
I recently purchased the integra 9.4 and so far I am very happy with the piece. There is great seperation and clear sound. If there is any problem it's the learning curve to operate all the functions (it even has net radio).

I am using the integra preamp with a macintosh amp and macintosh speakers & sub, all married to a pioneer elite 65 inch hdtv.

Lots of luck.

I've used an EAD ovation for about five years.Two ch. to the hills.I bought it for HT but this thing tdoes stereo great.Used, about $2K .
Ditto on the EAD Ovation. Outstanding 2-channel performance and excellent movie processing. I have the straight silver cut...stunning. Upgradable, too!
I agree with the last two post's above, I am a proud owner of an EAD Ovation that I upgraded to the Ovation 8. In stereo you have one of the best DAC's around and in HT top of the line. Here are a a few of the fetures: Multiple speaker layout compatibility: Including, Reference Cinema, an 8-channel point source speaker layout with stereo subwoofers, Cinema 7.1, a 7.1 channel, dipole surround style layout.
Eight channel analog pass-through mode: Allows integration of two, six or eight channel DVD-Audio, SACD high definition sources into your system.
TheaterMaster-8 Extra Surround channel: Compatible with Dolby Surround EX, DTS-ES encoded soundtracks and multi-channel music.
Dolby Digital® 5.1-channel surround sound: Provides 5 channels of full-range information, plus a dedicated subwoofer channel, to achieve truly holographic surround-sound effects.
DTS Digital Surround™ 5.1-channel surround-sound technology provides ultra-high resolution playback suitable for both movie and audiophile multi-channel music playback.
HDCD®: As much as 20 bits of musical resolution can be achieved with the HDCD process, rivaling highest quality analog master tapes.
Pro Logic®: Performed with mathematical precision in the digital domain.
MPEG2 Digital Audio: For worldwide compatibility with all audio formats, TheaterMaster-8 incorporates state-of-the-art MPEG1 and MPEG2 decoding, allowing both two-channel stereo and Dolby Pro Logic playback.
CinEQ™: Multi-channel cinema equalization to tame overly bright soundtracks and musical recordings.
AutoSetup™: This software breakthrough greatly simplifies TheaterMaster-8 setup procedure with AutoLevel™ speaker level balancing, AutoDelay™ calibration of speaker delays and AutoPhase™ detection of speaker polarity.
Built-in crossover networks: 4th-order, audiophile-grade digital crossovers, implemented in their own, fully dedicated, high-speed digital signal processor (DSP), provide ultimate system flexibility without coloration caused by complex analog crossover circuitry.
Four precision stereo Burr Brown PCM1732 24-bit, 96 kHz DACs provide excellent low-level linearity and dynamic range.
The master volume control consisting of four stereo Crystal Semiconductor CS3310 digital volume controls, provide smooth volume changes in 0.5dB steps. Switched resistive array technology is used for ultimate transparency.
Large front panel display: high contrast, vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) provides informative and ergonomic user interface.
Full-Function IR remote control operation for all TheaterMaster-8 features, including remote screen control (via switched 12 Volt outlet) and the control of other devices in your system.
Integrated video switching: six programmable video inputs, including three S-video and three composite video, provide total system integration.
Multiple audio inputs: Six digital, including 5 Coaxial, and 1 Optical Toslink and three stereo analog.
Balanced front stereo outputs achieve lowest possible THD and greatest signal-to-noise ratio.
RS-232 controllable, for integration into sophisticated home theaters and/or home automation systems.
I enjoy the EAD equipment more than the others in this price range.