Surround Placements Aerial SR-3's HELP

I have a dilema with my surrounds, the Aerial SR-3s.
The speakers have to be 4-5 feet above the listening position, regardless. Not so bad, but here is the deal.
Do I put them on the side of the listening position (which would have about 3 feet to the rear wall) or do I put them on the BACK wall 3 feet from the listening position?

These speakers can be configured into BIPOLE or DIPOLE.

Which should be used in which scenario?

The best scenario would be to put them on the sides, without a doubt. They work either way but, Aerial suggests they be mounted on the sides if possible. Is your setup a 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 setup? That will help determine if they should be set at bipolar or dipolar, but you could always experiment to see which sounds better.
Thanks Ericbee -

I temporarily placed them on the sides, in dipole configuration, last night. They are actually JUST in front of the seated position, about a foot. I can't imagine it would make that much of a difference from being even with the listening position.

Because of the way they had to be suspended for temporary use, they are angled about 30 degrees down towards the listening position. I am not sure if I will lose anything when mounted for good, as they would be flush with the wall at that point. The thought of building them out to keep the angle has crossed my mind. Since only the woof would be more direct (which is not an issue) I am not sure if this angled approach is a benefit or not.

Thanks for the help!!