Surround music ?

I have heard PLII and think that it is done better with an older unit like the Lexicon CP3 v4.0 or an older fosgate unit.The parameters were infinite.The only drawback is passing a signal through the bypass circuit.What do you think? I will be getting a DVD-A/SACD player and I hope the dopes who mix those VERY expersive discs DON'T put the drums behind my or I'll throw the damn thing out the window and listen to my old CD's through an antique processor.Who mixes those discs anyway.Pro audio guys don't have a clue who they're audience is and what WE listen for!
That's why I listen to music, including SACD, in two-channel. For me, surround is only for movies. I like to hear the singer's voice "imaged" between my two front speakers -- I don't want to hear it coming from
a center speaker -- ruins the effect. And, lord help me -- I don't want
to feel like I am sitting IN the band, I want them on a soundstage in front of me. But -- hey -- that's just me. I used pro-logic2 for music a few times when I bought my surround processor and haven't used it for music again since.
A little research on your part before you buy will go a long way. Many multichannel disc's are recorded with just the right amount of signal in the surround channels..If I were you, these are the ones I would buy.

Sogood51...Right on.

I would only add that the "right amount" of signal depends on the music in question, and the intended perspective of the listener. People who actually play in a musical groop may very logically prefer to be in the midst of the sound, not at a distance. I am told that some DVD-A discs actually permit you to select the "perspective" that you prefer.

There is a category of music, "Antiphonal" which REQUIRES that sound come from all directions. That is the way the muscians are located in a live performance.

Finally, IMHO, a solo singer is the best reason to have a center speaker. The soloist is a single sound source, and should logically be reproduced by a single sound source. The ability of a good set of stereo speakers to image a mono signal in space between them is amazing. But it is an illusion, easily broken by moving away from the "sweet spot".

When listening to a solo instrument, eg: a piano, I sometimes do the playback mono through one speaker. This replaces the recorded hall ambience with the character of my own room, as if my piano were being played.
Rsbeck: knee-jerk reaction. Sogood and Eldartford: right on. I score it 1-2 for mc. Adding my voice, that is a 1-3. Where does it say that reproduced music should come from two speakers, playing two channels at the front of the room? That record producers don't have a deft touch is another issue.
Pbb -- LOL. I only gave MY preference. I didn't know MY preference could be voted down. In fact, look -- it is still my preference, so I guess
you'll need a bigger majority. LOL.
>>Where does it say that reproduced music should come from two speakers, playing two channels at the front of the room?<<

It says it right here in "Rsbeck's Guide to How Rsbeck Likes to Listen to Music." It was a best seller at my place. I keep it right next to the Bible.
Also -- I have been in bands -- and that experience confirms *FOR ME* -- that the listening position ON THE STAGE is absolutely inferior. So, having been in a band would certainly not convince ME to try to recreate that position in MY listening room. And, I've known a lot of performers,
but I have yet to meet one who has a surround music system. So -- though it is not an exhaustive study -- it is enough to cause me to doubt that people choose two channel because they have never had the pleasure of performing music on stage. So, I think there must be some OTHER explanation for why some people like surround and others like two channel. I'm going to guess it is just a personal preference -- like most other things. What *I* like about two channel is that I am *NOT* at the mercy of some engineer's idea of surround and, while I do have to do some reasearch, I *DON'T* have to do as much research as those seeking to find pleasing surround mixes. I run into far fewer of those types of problems with two channel. And that's how *I* solve the problem that was raised by the orginal poster. And, MY listening room, MY vote is the only one that counts. Says so....RIGHT HERE. LOL.

Rsbeck...Your best response would be the quote "One man right is a majority of one".

But you are wrong (IMHO) :)