surrender n200 vs n20

good morning. has anyone used or demo’d these 2 unites. i have a a20 and love it, also have a burmester 151mk2, like it even better. also have a aavik s180, nice piece as well.

i recently got a aavik u300 integrated for another system i am putting together, its a very nice piece. i used its dac with the 151mk2 unit, it is very good dac in the u300, not as good as the one in the 151 but its very nice.

therefore, i have decided to go back to aurender for the streamer, i like its app better than the aavik.

thoughts on the n200 vs n20, thanks


If you are using the USB only the N200 is all you need.  With USB The DAC clock runs things.  If you are using SPDIF or AES the clock in the streamer is used, and the N20 is superior with its upgraded clock, and as previously mentioned has a lot of nice features like the ability to upsample.  If you are using USB only, also, the A20 may be worth keeping instead of getting the N200.  I’m not familiar with the A20 and what features it has, but have owned both the N20 and the 200.  If it’s not clear, go on Aurenders website, and try to find any differences between the two products with regard to its USB output features and performance.  I couldn’t.  Perhaps there is and someone else can chime in with what they are.  The only differences I could find were in the SPDIF and AES outputs and features.  The N20 also does DSD to PCM conversion on the fly.  These features are what you are paying for in the N20 and they aren’t used if using USB.

Main reason I chose N200 over 150 was the USB and SPDIF out and display.  

if I had a system that had components in the N20 price range and I could swing it I would.  The N200 and a great sounding DAC really is a great digital front end for someone like me who streams a lot.  I still listen to FM and CDs , BluRay Audio but most of the time it is some type of stream or playing back from some type of drive. 

Well, it was quite a while ago and I did not have them both in my system at the same time.  

I did have a Bel Canto e.One Stream at the same time as the N200 and I actually preferred it to the N200, all else equal.  (Amazing considering the price difference.)  According to my listening notes they both sounded great, but the primary advantage of the e.One was the very deepest bass.  But I hated the user interface with the e.One.  So that is what convinced me to upgrade to the N20.  

I’ve been totally satisfied with the N20.  I compared it directly with the e.One, and the N20 is superior in my system.  The very deepest bass is present and articulate, and there is more overall clarity, focus, and ease.  Therefore, by inference the N20 is in another league from the N200.  All these comparisons were with the same system/room/cables and multiple DACs, the most satisfying being my Mola Mola Tambaqui.  That’s my experience in my system.  Totally worth it for me. 

One more point. The combination of Streamer and DAC depends on what connection each is optimized for.  I’m using AES from N20 to Tambaqui. 

Many people tried talking me out of a high end streamer , saying a Raspberry Pi or PC or Mac sounds better than something like the Aurender.  No way !   They have never experienced a really streamer to be making that statement 

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