Surprisingly good shipping option

When FedEx wouldn't take my package for C.O.D. shipping, I went to the Post Office. They are shipping my Linn Wakonda from Phoenix to Houston in two days, and collecting payment all for $28.80! FedEx was going to charge me $52.68 if I had a shipping account! For next day by noon service the post office would still have beat the FedEx two day price by almost $10. When you bring your box to the counter, you needen't fill out any forms before hand, the COD forms are kept behind the clerk's counter. When you ship COD the insurance is automatically inluded.
The Post Office! Who knew?
I have used the Post Office on several occasions and is my first choice when possible. I have never had a bad experience.
It is often, by far, the cheapest option for overseas deliveries, too.
I agree with Wvick. After dismal experiences with UPS and Fedex, the good old USPS has been a very pleasant surprise. Given a choice, I won't use any one else. Just don't show up on December 16 or April 15 (2 busiest days of the year).
Another option for larger speakers and often overnight with cheaper prices and good results is Greyhound. Used them and have experienced no problems.
I've shipped at least 100 items in the last 2 years. The postal service is great for smaller items. With larger packages they are not so great. The damage rate with the postal service is about 4 times what I've seen with UPS. They destroyed an Aragon amp, Kenwood reciever, PSB speakers, lost some interconnects. Fed-ex ground damaged a entertainment center and some speakers. So far, UPS has delivered some battered boxes but no damage inside.
A word of caution; the letter carrier will take a personal check as payment for a COD.---They do not insist on a Postal Money Order.
I guess there's no perfect solution that is both cheap and certain. I too have had good experience with Greyhound, but many locations limit insurance to $300. I've only had damage with UPS, but I have encountered goofy counter service with FedEx.
I agree that for smaller items, the USPS seems to be the way to go. I have used Priority Mail without incident, several times, and they certainly get my recommendation.