Surprising find in matching Tekton Electrons

I have been testing my Electrons with two amplification sources: the wonderful Maraschino monoblocks from Tommy O'Brien's Digital Amp Company and my long-time workhorse McCormack DNA-1. With Maraschinos, clarity and the level of detail are astounding: every sound present on the original recording, no matter how slight and insignificant, is revealed. However, DNA-1 gives the overall presentation a certain smoothness, coherence, and musicality I find more enjoyable. I've always been on a hunt for detail and clarity, so I find my preference for the DNA-1 surprising. Does this make sense to anyone?
I have the "stereo maraschino" and an arcam avr 600 - class a/b amp
sometimes i think the maraschino is amazing -  an incredible tube amp sound from a class d amp.

sometimes i think the arcam is incredible - like you said - a more overall presentation of smoothness, coherence and musicality

I switch back and forth every couple of days it seems. swearing that one amp is better than the other - only to find myself swearing again that the other amp is better.

One thing that is quite obvious - that everytime i think my system is set - i hear something eventually that is "better" only to come back to what i was using originally.
Why live with just one particular good sound if you can have many?