Surprised by Synergistic Red Fuse on Source for 99

I like many synergistic products so decided to try the $99 red fuse for my cd player the Playback Designs MPS-5.

While the playback has alway sounded good somehow with the red fuse the music sounded even more detailed and inviting. I tried it with jazz sacds as well as less well recorded rock music and the music had less digital edge and a much more expansive soundstage.

Not sure of course why the fuse should make a difference but believe its money back guarantee (and not that much money) so would encourage people to try it.

Anyone else concur or having heard it found it otherwise?
I will confess that I do not know how such a small change affects sound for the better. I agree with your findings. Trust your ears.
Anyone else concur or having heard it found it otherwise?
Yes, I have similar results after replacing the HiFi-Tuning Supreme in my pre with Red Fuse. It's difficult to contemplate how a little fuse can alter the SQ by this magnitude.
I have liked some Synergistic products and my Mono Amps already have the previous Synergistic Quantum fuse in it. When I had my PS Audio Perfectwave DAC MKII and Transport I tried the Hifi Tuning fuses and found them to be a slight improvement. Later I put the then new Synergistic Quantum fuses in both the DAC and Transport in place of the HiFi Tuning fuses. Again there was a slight improvement. Neither made an easy to notice improvement. Besides those I tried a few others over the years. Some you could not tell any difference.

Along comes the NEW Red Fuse. I figured why not give it a shot. They have a 30 day trial. So I contacted my Amp manufacture and asked him to order me a set and if he could please install them.

Please keep in mind that my Mono Amps sound great. I an very happy with how they sound from top to bottom. And have no plans to change.

I really expected to hear either no difference or barely any. I thought I would have to strain and really concentrate to hear any, if any, difference. I realized that since the amps had been transported and opened that they would need some time to settle once back in my system. So i played some music through them for a couple of hours while I left the house and did some errands.

BOY! Was I surprised. There was a top to bottom improvement and it was EASY to hear the difference.

I have been asked by several people, some of whom own the same Amps, how I would describe the change. I have ONE word that comes right to mind.


You name it and it was better. Seriously!

I do not know how they did it but they made a great sounding amp sound better all over. With just a FUSE.

This is one of the best returns in audio I have ever got on my money.

I would love to install them in my Meitner MA1 DAC but it is made so only Meitner can open it, as far as I can tell.

I can not guarantee that you will experience the same but Synergistic does.

Regardless what you may believe about whether fuses could make a difference this is a no brainier. You get a 30 day money back trial to see and it is not costly if it works.

I highly recommend them, and it is the first fuse I can say that about.

Now if I can just figure out a way to get it in my Meitner MA1 DAC...

Hello Hifial.

I confess I have changed fuses in my Metrum DAC, Lamm pre, and McIntosh amp and, like you, can barely hear differences. I can, but they are subtle. I tried HiFi Tunning fuses and now have SR Quantum fuses there...

But wanted to ask you about the fuse change you had done to your amps: did you replace the internal fuses as well as the "external" fuse (the one we can generally replace without opening the amp)? And what kind of amp do you have?

Mine is a McIntosh MC275, so tubes, and I only replaced the "external" fuse. So you have me wondering.
FWIW, I installed Bybee's Small Slipstream Purifiers (his cheapest) on the RCA inputs to my amp and they made a way more significant improvement than fuses - and they aren't exposed to blowing up, like fuses are :-)
You findings are intriguing. I use the SR Quantum fuses successfully, these red versions could be even better.
For $90, you gotta give it a spin.

These are my favorite tweaks, inexpensive and excellent ROI. Another one is Cardas and AQ caps for all you unused RCA and XLR connectors. Cost me few hundred bucks to cover all the connectors.

You don't need to spend big $$ for a Tripoint Troy to get these improvements. LOL!!!
Hi Knghifi,
I hear you regarding the Red fuse and I'll get some soon. I must admit that the Tripoint Troy is not inexpensive even used. I'll also tell you that it's a brilliant addition to my system, I'm thrilled to own this superb product.
Lewinskih01 - My Amps only has internal fuses. Same as my Meitner MA1 DAC and the PS Audio DAC and transport.

I own the Merrill Audio Veritas monos.

The RED Fuses IMHO and limited experience with just the Amps are NOT subtle, for just a fuse. They were easier to hear the improvement then many other tweaks I have tried, many with no or barely any improvement.

Replace the internal fuse for the best gain.

Like I said, I hope to one day put them in my Meitner DAC, also only internal.

By the way, I have never had a fuse blow and do not no any of my Audiophile buddies who had one blow so if I was you I would not give it much thought. And that is what they are there for anyway. KNOCK ON WOOD!!
Charles1dad - The RED is So much better the the Quantum. 30 day money back, nothing to loose.

I must say I found the RED fuse more of an improvement then the Cardas Caps. Not that the Caps did not help.

not difficult to understand. We all know that these hi-fi companies (most) will cut every corner and place junk parts in our gear. This is the impetus for better, aftermarket, parts and supplies. Very cool projects going on out there by modders/DIYs, happy listening.
You guys posting here have persuaded me. Saying that they improve upon the Quantum is noteworthy as these have been beneficial in my system.
I must say I found the RED fuse more of an improvement then the Cardas Caps. Not that the Caps did not help.
We all have different systems and environments but not in my system. Most obvious improvements are any glare are eliminated, smoother mid/high and easier to decipher lyrics in complex passages.

One example is Mary Chopin Carpenter, Time Sex Love. Heard it on many EXPENSIVE system. It's a horrible recording, harsh and glaring. After installing the caps, glare was gone and no harshness. I guess it was cause by noise?

I bought caps for every component, amp, pre and dac. Cardas RCA non shorting pin, Cardas XLR output caps and AQ XLR input caps with no shorting pin. I use copper sheet to cover connectors that don't have caps. ie USB, I2S ...
I have the same player. Which fuse did you replace? Thanks.
Got the red fuses put them in my Von Gaylord nirvana amps and what a difference as Hifial said from top to bottom . My wife even notice the difference