Surge supression on attena for Tuner???

I finally mounted my roof antenna and now the question is should I hook it up directly to my magnum dynolab tuner. Girlfriend is worried about a lighting strike or storm. I have a PS audio Power Director 4.7 that has a surge suppressor for coax built in should I run it through that or will that just lower the signal?
You definitely want a lightning arrester in the antenna line - ideally located where the cable enters the house.

I don't think that the surge supressor in the Power Director is sufficient protection.
can someone point me towards a good one. Sorry I am new to this.
I would use a copper ground rod and run a lead from the antenna. Clamp it to the rod that's driven into the ground and presto you have protection!
Back in the day when we still had TV antennas, the antenna would be run to an earth ground with a metal strap.
The earth ground is the only guarantee of proper lightening strike protection, with antenna OR cable. Next problem then will be ground loops (hum) in your system. Fix that with a ground isolator unit. Most online suppliers have them. Try Audio Advisor or Music Direct.
got one of thoes and the connector is like $2 from radio shack, Thanks alot will do that this weeekend.
Don't fergit t'take care of yer ground loops!
Yes, yes, yes..

I had the RF section blown out of a vintage Kenwood KT8300 tuner. Luckly it was fixable, but still cost some bucks.