Surge review of ps audio Dac

Surge: your comment of perfectwave vs direct stream is night and day! Can you elaborate more before I turn in my perfectwave for a direct stream! Spending thousands for minute change seems foolish! How night and day is night and day!

It would probably depend on the rest of your system and what your upgrade goals are.  

I have a ton of experience with both PWD and the DS and recently became a PS dealer.

I can tell you the DS direct to Amps via balanced makes it possible to forgo a preamp.  With the PWD it was not.  

if you're ever in nyc and want to hear the DS for yourself look me up at triodepicturesound.   

I did the upgrade from PW to DirectStream shortly after the upgrade kit was available. While I groused about spending the was absolutely worth it...much more "analog" sounding, even crappy mp3s sound decent because of the up sampling to DSD, CDs sound better than ever...more detail, more instrument separation, better bass., soundstaging is improved. I have not used high-res digital files with it.

I've got a revealing system with Wilson Sophia 3 speakers and it doesn't hide anything.

Going from PW to DirectStream was worth the is not a subtle change. On a scale of 0 - 10 where 10 is a new piece of great equipment, the improvement was a solid 5 IMO.