Surge protectors and power conditioners - Good idea or bad?

Years ago, I bought added surge protectors and a power conditioner to my system, including surge protectors/ power filters to my Martin Logans.

Recently I revisited this idea and discovered that many people say to avoid the above, given it's rare to get hit by lighting and blow out your components and that both surge protectors and power conditioners can negatively impact overall sound.

My experience. I have an individual 2AWG copper cable from the transformer substation to my cottage, my individual ground loop has 3ohm. The cleanest phase goes to the listening room. However, air conditioners and regenerators are of great importance. My sources are powered by PS Audio P10 -> SR Galileo SX, the monoblocks are Isotek Super Titan. Without them, there is no life in music.
Ended up getting an Audioquest Niagara 1200, just to be protected, but WOW it had a huge effect on the sound, bringing it to life in every way. 
I live in central Florida! I decided to try a Niagara 1200 on my system! While the unit seems to give clean power, imho it was a waste of money! The unit fails miserably at protecting my equipment as I suspected! I’m going back to battery back up! I’m using a double conversion 2.2kw lithium ion unit! They by far and wide protect your equipment far better than any line conditioner! The fact is the Niagara offers zero protection for power brown outs and momentary power interruptions! I have had to reset my McIntosh c53 several times because of it! Don’t experience these problems with a good ups! And yes you will spend good money for a decent one, but it’s the only real solution here in this part of the country!
TBC:  If it doesn't have a UL listing as a surge protector (I think that's UL 1449) you can't rely on any conditioner to have any surge protection capabilities at all.

Several high end conditioners don't even mention surge protection, for good reason! Trying to get as close to the transformer outside your home also make for direct connections of your equipment to the noise and surge.  The last thing I want is a perfect conductor between my gear and the outside power, but so many invest in trying to get just that.

I wrote about surge protection here: