Surge Protector - Brick Wall/Zero Surge vs SurgeX

I am planning to buy a Surge Protector for my audio equipment. I have shortlisted the following:

Brick Wall PW8R15AUD ($259.00)
Zero Surge 8R15T-I ($286.00)
SurgeX SA1810 ($355.00)

I have heard that the Brick Wall and Zero Surge are clones and they claim to have isolated (duplex) receptacles to prevent interference and cross-talk. SurgeX claims to have better filtering.

Do they have any detrimental effect on sound? Has anyone heard them and compared them?
I use a Brick Wall, and I don't hear any effect good or bad, but I know it's protecting my gear.

I am doubtful that you would hear any difference between the three.
I have been told on very good authority that Surge X initially developed the technology and licences it to Brick Wall. On the advice of some recording engineers and audio professionals who can not afford unnecessary downtime, I have used Surge X equipment in my audio system for more than 10 years. I use Brick Wall for all of my television sets.
Also look at the PS Audio Quintet, it is $399 and offers some extra features over the Brick Wall [I have both] One important thing for me is that it uses a detachable power cord vs the Brick Walls captive one. I just got my PS but my first impressions is that I prefer it.
Zero Surge sell the technology to Brick Wall and others. If you read the patents it's pretty clear that they do.

I will say that you should go to the Zero Surge website and look under "What's New" and take a look at the current special. Pretty hard to beat IMO. Also, for first time customers they offer a 20% discount.

I started a thread on another forum that's the only reason I know this.
Jtwrace where can i find your other thread on the Zero Surge produck, i just orded one for my amps. Will using this on my amps limit the power, and make my system worse. Thanks for any info
I've had a BrickWall in my system for several years now and hear no discernible difference from that and straight out of the wall. Anything else I've tried had that cheesecloth effect.
My TV picture benefited as well.
Disassembled my SurgeX XS10. Uses 5 SUNLITE 1-201D1 receptacles with a common ground. Receptacles not isolated to prevent crosstalk noise. Too bad. Stranded 12 AWG wire all around. Going to replace the receptacles with five cryo treated Leviton 5262 and use cryo treated 10 AWG hot and neutral where I can. Also shortening the power cable to six feet before cryo treating and terminating it with a Wattgate 330i AG. Should make a solid difference, we'll see :) .