Surge protection with triggered outlets

After having done much reading here and elsewhere on power conditioning and surge protection, I have decided to keep it simple and seek out a good surge protecting power strip with outlets that can be triggered remotely or via 12v triggers.

I will also investigate the whole house surge protectors that my power company offers for $6/mo.

That said, what are good quality options for my triggered surge protector? I see products from brick wall claiming to have "switched" outlets but it does not say how they are switched? Panamax has one but it seems expensive and has all types of filtration that may or may not be actually needed.

Panamax is an excellent product with a lifetime warranty.The filtration is to prevent noise from appliances [fridge,havac,etc.] and RFI if thats a problem in your area.Check out Tripwire, also a lifetime warranty.You can try them out and return them if they don't make a positive difference.
I've used a Panamax for going on 17 yrs. now.When I first purchased it, I lived in a large city and didn't realize I needed noise filtration until I installed the Panamax and instantly had a dead quiet background.Good luck with your search.
Panamax or Tripp Lite are both excellent products with lifetime warranties.Try before you buy,and keep in mind you won't know if you need the filtration until you have the unit installed.If your system is indeed much quieter,it becomes obvious.IMO they are bargin priced compared to the boutique brands.They are professional quality units.Best of luck in your search!
I went with the Panamax M8-av-pro, so we will see what happens.