surge protection/lineconditioning for krell amp

I have a krell fpb 300cx amp. Do these have adequate built in surge protection and ac current treatment to not need external additional help so that a dedicated power line will suffice? Thanks.
A dedicated 20 amp line is all you need for this amp. Most surge protectors or power treatment boxes will only limit the current that this amp needs.
I have already told you. I have one of those bricks firing my entire system with one class A amp and one class B amp plus electronics and a 27" Sony WEGA. I think some reviewer plugged an electric stove via the filter!!!
The only true surge protection is to unplug the amp. But, this amp should be left in standby.

Do not use line conditioning!


I appreciate your advise and am considering trying a dezorel "brick" on the amp down the line. However, the dezorel does not offer surge protection and i am trying to find out more about the krell's need for such. They just e-mail me that i don't need to add either. So at this time i will trust that no additional surge protection is needed, barring a direct hit. With regards to line conditioning, well as they say, "the proof is in the pudding". We shall see in testing whether the sound is improved or not. In the meantime plugged directly to the 20-amp line this amp sounds mighty sweet. Enjoy the music!