Surge protection for SF Line 3

I'm in the market for a surge protector for my Sonic Frontiers Line-3/se Pre-amp.I would like a conditioner/surge but Chris Johnson who designed the unit says it should be plugged strait into the wall.We have a fair amount of surges and power outages in our area so I need some protection.I'm using dedicated line's for each of my components with hubble outlets.Any opinions would be great..
I have had consistently good service from the MIT series line conditioners. I started with the Z-center for all my front end components (amps were plugged directly into the wall), including my SF Line 3 and it has been synergistic and effective. A while later I also purchased the MIT Z-Isolator HC which I now use solely for the Line 3 (all else still into the Z-center).These were both highly regarded units back when the Spectral/Watt Puppy scene was front-page news and they are still well regarded by many I believe (me at least!). They can often be found on this site for bargain prices (Ask the seller if the blue power indicator light still works on his particular unit, it's the only thing that was ever known to fail). Good luck,
Shunyata Hydra 4 worked great without any issues with my friend's SF Line-1.
If your concerned about power surges and restoral of power spikes, then get with your power company and see if they offer a surge protection device which mounts onto the outside power meter (they pull your meter from the box, install a surge protector which is similiar in size to the meter & then re-connect the meter to the surge protector). I've had one for several years now, and have never had any worries. My power company charges $4 per month -- oh well, a simliar device, which I'll call a Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) made by Square D is over $1K and doesn't include installation -- let alone getting an act of congress to approve the install to the power meter (which no one owns but the power company). Several years ago, a lightening strike hit across the street and that house lost practically everything plugged into the wall (TV's, Computers, Fridge, etc).
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I highly recommend the Richard Gray system since it is a "parallel" conditioner. Chris Johnson is probably most concerned about current limiting - NOT an issue with the RGPC 600 or 1200 (or even 400). Being a parallel conditioner, it is the most effective at eliminating line noise without imparting it's own signature.
My experience with the Hydra is that it was a little too smoothing for my system but may work for you. But, again, it will be inline with the power and probably what Chris Johnson is suggesting you avoid
My budget is about $600.00 for this unit
Hi Spaz,

I can vouch for a Furman Elite 15PF which I use for my equipment. It will not limit the current to your power amp and I never found it to have a sonic character of it's own.
It's cost is about $600.00. Just have a review at or Furman's own website. I replaced my PS audio set up with the Furman. Reputable company and has been in the business a long time.
With regard to the Zero Surge, Brick Wall, SurgeX, and Torus, since they all use the same technology, does any of these units stand out above the others? Or are they all the same? Do any provide power conditioning as well as surge protection?
Zero Surge, Brick Wall, Torus Power and SurgeX all use the same patented series surge suppression system. However, Torus goes one significant step further by also incorporating an isolation transformer in the design. This has the added advantage of decoupling ground loops, further reducing noise. Plitron, the manufacturer of Torus Power units, also makes very similar power isolation units (PIUs) for highly sensitive medical equipment. The use of oversized toroidal transformers jacks up the cost well above the more basic units also using series mode suppression. However, you will not find a better engineered design anywere than in the Torus/Plitron units, IMHO.
I just ordered a APC J15 power conditioner. You might want to look into there power conditioners.
ZeroSurge, BrickWall, and Torus Power are licensees of SurgeX, not the other way around. They are the same basic series-mode technology, but only SurgeX has 21st century ZER0 Let-Through 3-wire technology while the 3 licensees are only allowed by SurgeX to use the old mid-nineties 2-wire technology that slowly drains surge energy to the neutral wire. The SurgeX device does not pass any energy out to the neutral or the ground. The excess energy is converted in a small amount of heat inside the box. No surge energy leaves the box.
fuelie - the excess energy is converted [to] a small amount of heat? A surge of 6000 volts? Or lightening strike of much more? To a "small" amount of heat?
whats better (in regard to protection AND neutralility) -- a whole house solution (at the breaker box) or the at outlet units (such as Hydra, RGP, etc)???
Rockadanny - That is correct. The surge goes through a large inductor coil to clamp the surge, the remainder is stored in capacitors and then "worked to death" internally. No surge energy leaves the box on either the ground or the neutral wire. I've seen a video demonstration that SurgeX does all the time at trade shows using a high power surge generator. The MOVs blow up while the SurgeX device also plugged into the surge generator just sits there fat, dumb, and happy, absorbing the energy and dissipating it as a small amount of heat inside the box demonstration after demonstration, day after day.

Also, I was mistaken myself saying that ZeroSurge, BrickWall, and TorusPower are licensees of SurgeX. ONLY ZeroSurge is a licensee which then makes re-branded BrickWalls, and sells series-mode modules to TorusPower