Surge Protection and line conditioning

I just had a negative experience with a line conditioner and no longer want one for my system. I heard a little more detail but at the expence of my soundstage and an overall thinning of the music. Anyway, I would like to know if a surge protector without line conditoning would be the right choice if I want protection without the line conditioning. In short, do surge protectors generally leave your sound alone?
You won't have to worry, about the surge protectors, interfering with the sound. I can see conditioners, degrading the sound, but surge protectors should be totaly "safe"! I am using Ulti-mate "industrial" line filter/surge protector and API FL 313 AC cord, with very good results.
Try a brickwall surge protector. Use the 20 amp version. You will get top notch surge protection. The brickwall does provide line filtering but it is not as much as a lot of the other conditioners. A reconditioned one should cost about 279.00
in my experience surge protectors of the sort you might use on your computer have a significant negative impact on sound quality. industrial/hospital grade surge protectors have a slightly lower degree of negative impact but are frequently quite noisy, requiring them to be placed well away from your listening room.
What line conditioner were you using?? What you describe can happen on a poor conditioner, but not on the better made conditioners. The conditioner maker Vansevers makes a surge protector made for audio that lists for $30 and can be had for $25 at