Surge Protection Advice

I can't afford the LC/Surge Protector I would really like right now but would like to get a good quality surge protector that won't affect the sound too much. Any suggestions?
Brickwall is supposed to be an excellent surge protector but it drains my system of warmth. Too bad the power cord isn't detachable.
Depending on how much needs to be plugged into it, I can recommend the Shunyata Venom Defender (for a single outlet), I just got one and am using it and am extremely satisfied with its performance!
Not sure what your budget is, but maybe a used Audience aR2p would be worth looking into although only has two outlets. If you need more outlets you could get a Wiremold L10320 power strip to plug into the aR2p without degrading sound or limiting current too much. Best of luck.