Surge Protection?

Could anyone please advise me on surge protection devices with or without conditioners.

My area has numerous sags and spikes routinely and frequent weather related electical service interruptions. I have the need for twelve recepticles: two amps, DSS receiver, three Martin Logan speakers, Sub, CD/DVD, Preamp, Pre/Pro and television with a spare for future add-on.

Just last week I counted seven surges/sags due to bad weather. Two more today...I need help with this ominous situation.

The Panamax 5510 offers the best in line conditioning and protection. It has separate analog and digital outlets and offers balanced as well as isolated power.
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You are the perfect candidate for whole-house surge protection. Contact your local electric utility or a qualified electrician about a surge device right at the service panel for the whole house. I had it done when I had the dedicated lines put in.
You can't have too many surge protectors in line. A whole house surge suppressor can be added to your electrical panel in addition to a line conditioner-surge suppressor for your equipment.
Go over to tech talk and look up the thread: dedicated lines/ surge protectors.