Surge Protection

Before I power up my new 2-channel system, it would seem prudent to have a quality surge protector. Recommendations? Thank you.

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I'm with Tbg on this one - I've never heard a surge protector, line/power conditioner, filter, transformer or any other type of AC doohickey that I could live with in an audio application. Leave them attached to your computer where they belong. Personally, I believe these are the biggest deception ever perpetrated on the buying public; just think of how much places like Best Buy and Circuit City make off the uninformed - $200 glorified power strips with a couple of bucks worth of MOVs and line rated capacitors.

I worked in FM radio for several years; in vain we attempted to protect power, signal, telephone, and telemetry lines from lightning strikes. Nothing is faster than Mother Nature. If you want to protect it, unplug it, and don't listen during severe electrical storms.