surge/power conditioner needed for power amps

I have two musical fidelity A308cr dual mono 250w power amps and would like to find a small affordable high current surge protector/power conditioner for each amp. They would also need to have a trigger and exceptional filtering. Any suggestions??

I am currently using a PSAudio Quintet but it is really loaded up with three amps, a plasma, and a dvd player. The sound (bass especially) is not as good as when I had my amps hooked seperately to a single upc 200 switched to high current mode for the two power amps. But i wanted a trigger so i switched to the PS Audio Quintet. Now i would like to find two small single-outlet conditioners with triggers designed for power amps. Help! Can't find anything out there.
Does anybody out there know of a 12v triggered power conditioner other than PSaudio's Quintet or Director that handles very high current amps?

Is there another way of turning on a power amp that has no remote control capability when one turns on one's home theatre components.