Surge in Electric Bill

Am new owner of system driven by Cary SLI-80. When my wife opened our first bill after a month of use, she yelped! Ou bill had jumped 50%. Wonder if this could be caused by the Cary, whihc is played maybe 2 hrs. per day?
My Forte 4a class A hot amp raises my electric bill $10.00 a month if left on all the time (it is)
Your one component could raise your bill $20 if it runs hot as the devil in totally pure class A and you left it on all the time.
You got some other problem...
There must be something else going on too. Is your neighbor plugging his motorhome into an outlet on your house? There is no way that the Cary (unless there was something seriously wrong with it, and even then???) would do that to the power bill. Has it been colder than normal?
it happened to me.. review bill sometimes they only do a calculated or intelligent guess and they do actual meter reading every other month to save dollars..
You could always go on the budget plan [if offered] where you pay the same each month for a year. But month 13 often brings an "adjustment". YOU better open that one!
I, too, have pure Class A amps, which I leave on all the time, and as stated above by Elizabeth, have only seen a jump of $10 to $15 a month at the most!!!
I would guess that at most the Cary is drawing 2 amps. 2 hours per day translates to 0.5KwH/day times 30 days is ~ 15KwH/month. I don't know what your paying; but $0.25/KwH is a reasonable estimate so we're looking at about $4/month as an upper bound for 2 hours per day of use.
Take a look at your power bill and see what your total khw (kilowatt hour) useage was for the month with the Cary SLI-80 used. Compare the bill with the month before, or a couple of months before. Also check the number of days in the billing cycle. Chances are your utility company's "Energy charge", per khw, was higher for the month the bill was higher.

Also depending where you live colder weather, even with gas heat, the furnace motor runs longer and more often. That will increase the kwh useage.
Thanks to all of your responses.
Will show my wife, as she is the bookkeeper in this family.
Maybe she'll let me keep playing my music...
depending where you live utilities have increased their pricing dramatically this winter. Natural gas in the midwest is about double the price it was last year.
>>"Will show my wife, as she is the bookkeeper in this family.
Maybe she'll let me keep playing my music..."<<

LOL, You could always install a coin operated timer on the power feed to your audio equipment. Deposit 1 quarter for 2 hours of listening time....LOL