Surface effect on sound from TT

What effect does the surface have on the sound from a TT. I have all my components in a wall unit (hardwood)including the TT. I have no other options. I had a Thorens with Linn Basik plus and Goldring 1012 in there and the sound was hard and dry and the highs seem to roll off through my pre which is a TAD-150 and power which is a TAD-60. I recently bought a Project perspective wit a Sumiko Blue Point which smooths out the sound a bit but, still retains some of the hardness and dryness and roll off. My speakers are Vandersteen 2CE sigs and my room is a 15x12 which has a soft couch and two lazy boy type chairs. Also TV is there.

I have an Eastern Electric Minimax CD player that sounds more balanced but, the highs tend to be somewhat soft. The CD is very listenable though.

Is there a surface or material that I can use that would smooth out the sound of my TT. I am sending the TAD-150 to Bizzy Bee for the signature upgrade.

Any help is appreciated...

Hello; I float a piece of absolute black on a 14" bicycle innertube. Big improvement. Also try the isolator between your headshell and cardridge. Made my MMF-7 near reference.
Good luck