Sure 1000 dollar earbuds

has anyone heard these??   Thanks
Surely you mean Shure IEM? I'm sure you know the difference between earbuds and IEMs.

Are you asking about SE846 earphones?

They seem to be the only Shure earphone model around that price. I have tried them. As it always goes with such devices, half of the appeal is in fit and these were not good fit for me so the sound was lacking big time. Knowing Shure's reputation and great user reviews, they are probably wonderful, once fitted correctly. irritating comment  Surely you know that. They make a 3000 dollar choice as well

Forget about irritating, implied incorrect, too. Shure does not make $1000 in-ear monitors. Just earphones.

In any case, all of their earphones are highly regarded as (to keep in line with all of this above) you are Shurely aware.
I bought Empire Massdrop Zeus IEM at ik$ about 15 months ago.

It is really dynamic with lot of details.

It's balance is on the bright side and works well my Dell laptop and Note4 cellphone with high efficiency.

After I got this, I do not attempt to buy more expensive ones.

At home, I usually use headphones instead of IEM.

IEM is on the go.