Supreme recording!

What is the best recording that you have ever heard on CD? If you had your dream system(with digital source) what would be the first disc you played?
MFSL's Ultradisc - Who's Next CD. Best Who recording I have ever heard.
Sonically and musically it is probably "For Duke"/"Fatha" on M&K (310)-204-2854. These original analog direct to disc recordings were made in the late 70's. I believe "Fatha" was Earl Hines last recording before his death in 1979 at the age of 79. I always reach for this recording when I change out something in my system because it will certainly tell me what I need to know. Dynamics on this recording are astounding. As stated by me on other threads I feel that the JVC XRCD's are superb and IMO better than most of MFSL remasterings and are highly recommended to Jazz lovers. If you think Propieus recording of "Jazz at the Pawnshop", another great 70's recording sounds good on Propieus's CD, you will be amazed at how it sounds on JVC XRCD. It is ALMOST as good as the vinyl (not quite though).
Tough one... I cannot choose one so... 1. Ricki Lee Jones - Pop Pop 2. Muddy Waters - Folk Singer (MFSL) 3. Minnesota Orch/Oue - Aaron Copland Fanfare (RR)
tough tough question but I think the first I would try would be Patricia Barber Companion a live recording and just incredible
Arne Nordheim, Electric (Rune Grammaphone).
XTC Skylarking on MFSL. A top-ten best pop concept album of all time.
where do you buy all these cds ?
Kelleyann, there is a nice guy Mfslgoldcd , his screen name. I've dealt with him several times for mfsl gold cds and is great to deal with. He has a listing on audiogon now. Hope this helps you find the titles you are looking for.
I'm not sure I;m on the same page as the rest of you kids, but I think the 'Lost Highway' soundtrack is excellent. As are The Depeche Mode singles, both 81-85 and 86-whatever. But the best imo is aphex twin's selected ambient works vol 2. Always hearing something new in it, and the sound is huge, like tidal. I'm such a sucker for ultra-produced electronic music.