Supratek vs Allnic phono stages

Anyone compared ? How good is Supratek, anyway ? Lifetime warranty, that's unique, I guess.
I am thinking of getting tube phono stage and at present I would be using MM cartridge, later don't know, probably still MM/MI.
I run an Allnic H 7000 phono pre and a Supratek preamp. It’s a great combo but given the quality of the Supratek and the reports on Mick’s phono pre, go with the Supratek. Not to knock the Allnic but its 3x the price. I’m a separates fan but if there was any combo product on the market that would interest me it would be the Chenin from Supratek with Pre and Phono.
I see. I am thinking about either Cortese pre/phono or only Pinot phono stage.
This is below your combo, should still be quite good and serve me well for a long time.