Supratek tuning

To all supratek owners

My Chardonnay arrived a week ago. It's superb. Plus, I have the chance to turn it even better. From the gain switches to tube rollin' there's a lot of space for improvement. So tell me:

What kind of sonic result do you get by experimenting with the gain swithes at the upper and back sides of the preamp? Just less/more gain? In what positions (for both switches) do you get the best results?

It seems the best 6SN7 tubes for these preamps are Ken-Rad Black Glass VT-231 and Sylvania Metal Base 6SN7W. Which one of these has tighter bass? Which one has sweeter highs?

See you,
Optimum gain setting will depend on your source and power amp and the quietness of your tubes. You shouldn't narrow your selection of 6SN7GT until you have taken opportunity to listen for yourself. By limiting yourself to only Ken-Rad Black Glass VT-231 and Sylvania Metal Base 6SN7W you have deprived yourself of many fine alternatives which may sound better to your ears.
Agree on both remarks, Jazzdude.

However, I was not asking which was the optimum gain setting period. I am just interested in understanding how Supratek owners set their gain switches, within their own systems and with what results. It's only a matter of gain or did you achieve (besides more or less noise) different sonic pictures while tuning both gain switches?

About the tubes, I understand there are lot's of good options avaliable and you are invited to share your experiences. I just was and still am curious on the ken-rads and sylvanias as for tighter bass and sweeter highs. Any experience with these?

In my system the gain control only alters the gain. You should play around with it in your own system.

I have several pair of the ken-rad vt-231 in black glass and clear glass. They have a full sound but they are not the sweetest 6SN7GT nor do they have the tightest bass. I have several pair of Syl 6SN7W black-base but not the metal-base. If they bare even the slightest resemblance then I doubt they will do the trick for you. All my 6SN7W's are lacking top-end extension.
Yes, same thing within my system: more or less gain; more or less freedom with the volume knob. That's it. Nevertheless, Mick states that tuning the gain switches has sonic effects and I suppose this might happen to other Supratek owners, with other systems.

As for the valves, would you recommend any valve in particular (within the Supratek valve-types, of course) for tighter bass?
In my system, Sylvania VT-231 or Sylvania 6SN7GT, 1950's, green-label, bottom-getter. The former is a little lean to some ears, the latter is slightly fuller. Both have excellent top-end extension w/sweetness and tight bass.
Ok. I have the chance to try (to bid on) a pair of new in box Sylvanias VT-231. Are you aware of the fair price for these?