Supratek preamps

I'm very interested in these output trans coupled preamsp. Seems the same concept with Audio Note M3 but different tube. What's the experience that owners of the Supratek have? Any outright advantages or sound signatures or reliabilty issues?
Hi Imarche, I too am interested in finding more about this preamp. I contacted member Bwhite and he was very kind and responsive. He has not had it but a few days and his initial findings were very positive. He wrote a beautiful review on it. I sure hope he doesn't mind me mentioning this. Maybe he will have more to say as it breaks in. Im sure he won't mind sharing his experience with this preamp. He was more than generous with his time. Thank you Bwhite.
Hi Brulee thanks for the intro and I am glad you liked my "review".

I received my Supratek a few days ago and in that short time, I have to say it sounds glorious. My system has never sounded better.

While the Supratek does not seem to have a character or sound of it's own, it immediately blesses a system with a unmatched liquidity - in both macro and micro dynamics. I would call it liquid to the Nth degree as it seems without grain or texture both harmonically and spatially. The Supratek manages this liquidity without roll off at frequency extremes.

The sound is clean - pure - pristine.

I also noticed that at full volume you get a sense that the Supratek is quiet... I am not sure how else to describe it but a friend who auditioned my preamp in his system said the same thing - without me ever mentioning it to him.
(by the way - after hearing it, he bought one too)

By quiet, I don't necessarily mean a "black background" or no hiss/hum/electronic noise per se, but a surreal sense of precision and perfection. Perhaps it is the clarity - and purity of the sound which leads one to comment that the Supratek is "quiet" as I mention.
When listening you experience both the macro and micro dynamics of music simultaneously without coloration - without sterility.

While the Supratek has yet to have a published review, I feel it is only a matter of time before it becomes quite well known and widely praised. When the first review hits the stands, expect demand to go way up for this fantastic product.

There are a great number of folks using the Supratek within the US and many frequent the boards at You might try posting a few questions there. I expect you will find people with similar experiences to mine.

While many have stated the Supratek is the best preamp under 15K, I question what qualities could possibly make a preamp BETTER than this? It is very difficult to identify something the Supratek does not do - it does everything extremely well.

I am thoroughly delighted with this preamp and feel it will be the cornerstone in my system which let's me attain new highs for a price far below the the cost of average performing used gear.

My decision to buy the Supratek was based solely on the fact that people I know and trust, recommended this component. One individual (who makes me laugh) seems to have the amazing ability to talk down the best and most commonly respected equipment said, "Ya.. The Supratek is okay" but after consulting a number of his personal contacts - came back and said, "it's one of the better preamps available." This guy doesn't say ANYTHING is "okay" any price.

So - I decided to buy as I am sure many others will. Mick (the owner/designer/inventor) of Supratek is a true gentleman. He will go out of his way to help you - but most of all will not settle for second rate sound - Mick is a perfectionist in every sense of the word. While each unit he produces will have a certain uniqueness about it, his craftsmanship is world class - remember you are buying a hand crafted product with ingenious design, invented - and built by Mick, for you.

For those who are interested in finding out more visit:
Hi Bwhite,
Thanks for the insight! May I ask what is the rest of your system?

I'd most most probably get the Chardonnay line stage only. I'm all for tube rectified and regulated power supply and the trans-coupling is even better!
My current system is:

AudioMeca Mephisto 2 cd player
Nordost Valhalla Interconnect
Supratek Chardonnay
NBS Professional III interconnect
Electrocompaniet 100 watt DMB - (temporary)
AudioNote Kondo speaker cables tri-wired
Wilson-Benesch Act One speakers

Glad to hear you might try the Supratek. If you're into vinyl - you might try the Syrah. Mick's phono stage is supposed to be even better than the line stage (hard to believe).
Looks like Mick introduced a new preamp - higher end than the Syrah/Chardonnay. It's called the Cortese.

Check out the Supratek Website to see pictures:
I do not have a vinyl setup, so it's a line stage for me. Well, the Cortese is priced out of my humble budget. I can only guess what's the difference between the Chardonny and the Cortese line stage, perhaps better power supply?