Supratek preamp umbilical cord

Since this is Supratek-land, any one here know of after-market or have modified their umbilical cord (between power supply and preamp)?
Great question, Whoop ! I've wondered the same thing many times. I am sure a better cord may do big things. Then again, maybe not. Only one way to find out, I guess.

I may look at the ends more carefully and see what it would take to order the male ends and retrofit a really great cord.
No longer have the pre, but I did have some problems with the umbilical. It is not a simple 3 wire connector to which you could fit a conventional pc. Multi-stranded, lots of little wires to solder, FWIW. PS- If anyone wants one to experiment with, I have one with a bad solder joint that is yours for the cost of shipping. Just send me an email off-line.
I had Brad at Revelation Audio Labs make me a custom one for my Syrah and it was well worth it. The connectors are hard to source, Brad had to get them from Mick. Drop Brad an email, you won't regret it.
Could you really hear the difference between stock cord and that form Brad ? How big it was ? How much des it cost ?