Supratek phono stage dark?

I just received my new Chenin preamp and I notice that when playing records it sounds much darker than my previous Conrad Johnson PV 12. In fact, I can barely hear the cymbals, and even female vocals seem a bit recessed. On the other hand, the bass response is great. Mick, the owner of the company, has been responsive and helpful, but I'm wondering if any one else has experienced this? I'm using a Clearaudio Auram S mm cartridge with 3.5 gain which seems to present no gain problems. Although the manual says that the phono stage is designed for moving coil only, Mick said that the cartridge would probably work.
Have you checked the impedance loading to make sure it is matched for your cartridge?
Have you given it a chance to break in yet? I don't think you can make an comparisons, or expect it to perform it's best until you have over 100 hours on it.

Give it some time, I'm sure you'll be happy!
I've just placed my order for the Chenin and can't imagine that Mick would release a "dark" phono stage. However, the circuit has changed from using WE 417 tube to ECC88 family valves.

My question for owners of the redesigned phono stage -- have you done any tube rolling yet? Which ECC88/6dj8 variant is working well for you? I know this family of tubes can be frustrating to work with (microphonics for one), so this would be helpful for me as I await my amp.

Also, in a general Syrah/Chenin vein, does rolling the regulator tubes make much of a difference, especially as opposed to critical line and phono gain stages?

Any info appreciated.

Milkiz. I think Rushton has hit the nail on the head as It sounds like the problem to me as well. On the back of the preamp will be an impedence switch. Make sure it is sitting at the top of its stop [the highest setting]. That would ensure your cartridge is loaded at 47k ohms.
There are 50 guys who would buy it from you if you give up the ship on this preamp. Bob
Hi Mlkiz. Any luck solving your dilema? If you are not having a problem with the sound of cd through the supratek, something is wrong somewhere in the phono stage, [tubes,switching or cartridge loading] Best of luck.
Thanks for your suggestions. I decided to trade my Clearaudio for a Denon DL 103 moving coil low output cartridge recommended by Mick of Supratek. Hopefully this will solve the problem which is not subtle, but is pronounced. The lines stage does sound great though.