Supratek out of business?

It went out of business for a while in 08 but they came back, including a very informative Blog on Mick's experiments with computer audio, dacs etc. But for the last 3 weeks or so the web site does not exist. Not been able to find any info on this on the web. There are a lot of Supratek owners who could need some kind of product support out there.
6moons recently had a "coming soon" ad for a review of a Supratek Cabernet Reference preamplifier. From the Letter Feedback section:

"What happened to the Supratek review with Ed Kramer?

It's been delayed because Joshua Givorsner who was to assess its phono stage performance had to pull out. He had major compatibility issues with the preamp and his Ypsilon amplifier. Edgar who had committed to reporting on the linestage performance is now shopping for another Aussie writer who can do the honours on the phono stage.


I'm not sure how "in business" Supratek really is. I believe Mick is still building preamps, he's just not so much doing it as a full time venture. Email him. I'm sure he'll let you know exactly what Supratek's status is.
This is really bad news. It appears that we lost yet another cable manufacturer. There's so few left. If this keeps up, we may not have anyone to turn to. Hang on to your old, used cables. You may not be able to replace them.
Back to the stone ages..... ICs and wires from Radio Shack. Whoops, they are in trouble as well. Maybe Home Depot. Or Audioquest seems to be doing well. Monster still too.

Seriously, check on amazon. There is no shortage of wires. Would using the same wires used in pro studios be so bad? That's probably where I would look in the clutch.

I suspect one reason that esoteric wire makers ask the prices they do is because there is so little actual market for their stuff. So they have to make the most profit possible. Playing on audiophile insecurities and all the usual ploys.

Its pretty much always been that way. The only thing that has changes is the gap between the most expensive options out there and the stuff most people would use and never think twice about.
WTH are you guys talking about? Supratek is/was a tube amplifier and preamplifier manufacturer. Supratek never made any cables to the best of my knowledge.
Well. That's very different! Never mind! 😚
Now that you mention it, Supra Ply may have been a better choice.
I take it you guys never heard any of Mick's offerings, particularly at the price point. Too bad! Seriously though, I don't get your sarcasm, could you fill me in? I really am clueless. Does anybody really know what time it is, does anybody really care?
Tubegroover, you're right. The best system I have heard had the Supratek Syrah pre in it. It was in Agon member Slowhand's system. He actually started that huge "Preamp Deal of the Century" thread back in '02 about Supratek preamps.

It was a great day of listening to tunes and hanging out. I haven't seen Slowhand around here in awhile but I hope he is still enjoying music with that amazing system he had with that Supratek pre in it.
I still have the Syrah Samac. Not to say I haven't heard anything better but at considerably more; it is still an amazing piece at it's price point considering it includes a superb phono stage. Also the benefit of point to point wiring it is pretty much bullet proof. Very liquid, resolving with excellent bass. The only issue I have is that I can't get a schematic from Mick after several requests.
You have a fine piece of equipment there, Tubegroover. I hope you can get a schematic and that the Syrah will give you many more years of musical pleasure.
Mick wrote that he had to change web site: So he is still in business. Check his blog for computer audio ideas, very interesting.
New web address did not work
A review of the new Supratek pre was just posted on 6moons:

The new url does not work despite the note at the end of the review. I assume Mick will get it sorted shortly.
Mick wrote that he had to change web site: So he is still in business. Check his blog for computer audio ideas, very interesting.
How much is the new preamp?
According to the review, $4k for linestage only or $6k with phono.
I couldn't read it on my smart phone. Thanks and it sounds like a winner! Former Chenin owner here.