Supratek or Don Sachs - which way to go?

I'm preparing to replace my SS preamp with a tube unit and have read with great interest many threads on this board. This is where I learned about Don Sachs model 2 preamps. They sound like what I'm looking for and those who own them consistently express their satisfaction with them.

Now I've just been reading and learning about the Supratek lineup. Wow. These also sound like fantastic works of art. Leaving me with a new question about which way to go. 

Thoughts? Advice? Experience? Anyone care to share?
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 A little late but in reply to @Soundmasteraudio,..   The 'Domes' on the Supra's have been used in the past as needed to house output transformers.   Not all of the pre's Mick builds needs that 'extra' space as most of the time the transformers used can be easily fit in the chassis.  In this case the Domes are there cosmetically.   In my opinion they look really good and I would opt to keep/have them there even if only cosmetic.   They really kinda define that original 'Supratek' look but some of the newer pre's have Heatsinks in their place as previously mentioned.  My understanding is that the Domes cost Mick a fair amt to have made and they are becoming hard to source form the supplier as well so he is using them more for his 'upper end' builds..

@Highsteam and any one else interested,   Mick has a repair tech in the US to cover any warranty (or other) issues that arise,  so no need to send all the way back to AU. 

For anyone considering a Supra and for what it's worth,  I've had a couple older Supra's in the house over the last few months.  An older Cab/dual with the 101's and a SN7 Grange  along with my personal Cortese LCR.   They are built like tanks and the build quality is top notch.   Forget about the talk about bad wiring,  etc,.   everything in these units is overly secure and all components are readily fastened to terminal strips that are bolted down to the chassis.  Wiring is solid core and 'floats'  (ie,  not zip tied together).  This is no issue as the wire is stiff and does not move like floppy stranded wire.   While maybe not as 'pretty' as wiring that is all zip tied together,  It is still very easy to trace the circuit by eye and make any repairs that could be needed.  Absolutely no issue!
Hi jslateiv,

Would you please provide the contact info for the US repair tech?

Think you need to ask Mick.
Mick is trying to get a new supplier for the domes, I have a Cabernet ready to ship, having waiting for the domes since before Christmas I agreed with Mick to just ship it without the domes, but with the heat sink instead, the domes will the be shipped later ( hopefully)

Not sure how long it will take, probably a week, really looking forward to it.
I’m struggling with the same question, Sachs pre and phono vs Supratek Cortese with standard tube phono. Building new system (last horray): 
Spatial X5 speakers, being built
Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL40 amp
VPI Scout, JMW 9
Benz Micro L2 cart
Jolida JD100 Tube CD
LAST PIECE OF THE PUZZLE- preamp & phono
listen to 70-80’s R&B, Jazz, Pop & some soft rock (music).
looking for thoughts, suggestions, input - choice between two noted units only.