Supratek or Don Sachs - which way to go?

I'm preparing to replace my SS preamp with a tube unit and have read with great interest many threads on this board. This is where I learned about Don Sachs model 2 preamps. They sound like what I'm looking for and those who own them consistently express their satisfaction with them.

Now I've just been reading and learning about the Supratek lineup. Wow. These also sound like fantastic works of art. Leaving me with a new question about which way to go. 

Thoughts? Advice? Experience? Anyone care to share?
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Old potentially outdated information, but as I remember from years ago, when Suprateks needed warranty work Mick would decide if he needed to repair the item himself in Australia or if a tech local to the owner could fix it at Mick's expense.

Feel free to correct.
@jetter: Your memory serves you well. I read that here in one of the Supratek threads.
Markus, congrats on your retirement! I am retired, it is a great life. Affords more time to muck around with audio concerns :-).
Sachs hands down. You could pry my DS-2 from my cold dead fingers. Don’s a bit backed up right now, moving to a new house, so if he’s abrupt with you, give him a little slack..