Supratek or Don Sachs - which way to go?

I'm preparing to replace my SS preamp with a tube unit and have read with great interest many threads on this board. This is where I learned about Don Sachs model 2 preamps. They sound like what I'm looking for and those who own them consistently express their satisfaction with them.

Now I've just been reading and learning about the Supratek lineup. Wow. These also sound like fantastic works of art. Leaving me with a new question about which way to go. 

Thoughts? Advice? Experience? Anyone care to share?
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When spending the kind of money we do on our equipment it's a plus when you see a photo of the internal in preamps like Don,s and the Atmasphere I must say is the best looking wing job I've seen, cant even imagine how many hours that must take.

There are alot of great threads on the Supratech so it must sound impressive but when looking at there website and all you see is the external photo and a page with pricing but nothing on what exactly that pricing includes besides finish makes it difficult to choose over the other.

Don,s website is full of whats included and options to choose.

Of the three preamps mention Atmasphere is far and away the best looking and lets face it we all want something gorgeous to look at.
Pretty big difference in the price of the various items among the three companies. 
I will take a great sounding piece of equipment over a great looking piece of equipment any day. If you can get both such as I did with my Supratek Cortese it is a win-win. No, I do not look inside my Supratek, I listen to it. I have owned it for many years and have had no problems.
Frankly, I’ve never understood the aesthetics vs. sound quality argument.

(Slowhand: awesome system!)

I just updated my system in my profile. Went from a Supratek Syrah to a Supratek Cortese. Other things have changed, but I won't have a system without a Supratek in it.