Supratek is back

Several years ago Mick stopped making amps. I got the impression that the exchange rate simply made it unprofitable. Regardless of the reason the good news is that he is back and should be taking orders soon if he isn't already.
That's some amazingly beautiful handmade gear. Some amazing reviews to boot.
I hope Mick has a more consistent product. I'd heard of erractic QC from real audiofreaks (guys who fly half way around the country to hear a buddies new cartridge), but I learned it myself when I heard a Cortese sound great and had to get one, but the one I got was a total disappointment (same system). When they were good, they were the best money you could spend (IMHO) and when they were bad, they left a lot to be desired.

Best of luck to Mick in these rough economic times.
Been back for a while. The best news is he has a blog on his new site where he reveals lots of info on his designs. Good reading.
My question is does he ever answer his e-mails? I've tried to contact several times with no response.
I ordered a Cortese preamp in July this year and am waiting patiently.
Tubegroover - I sent Mick an email a couple weeks ago and he responded within 24 hours.
Has anyone read Micks blog on the Supratek website? Pretty interesting
Yes, he provides very good info on his blogs. One of the amazing improvements in my system was through one of his recommendations, should have figured it out for myself but didn't. Raising the gain on the pre-amp and lowering the gain on the amp, providing your amp has a gain. This was one of the most significant improvements in lowering the noise floor and providing a darker background, literally lighting up the soundstage. The most notable effect overall was preservation of all detail at reduced listening levels.

So far as his QC is concerned, I have had not one issue with my Syrah in the almost 10 years I've owned it. Some have reported cold solder joints. I detected a few but they were quickly remedied. Wiring layout could be neater but overall, for the money, part quality is good and fit and finish was excellent. The chrome over nickle plating on the deck of both the pre and power supply is as new, no corroding or blemishes. Sound quality for a full function, high gain preamp at the price point all things considered exceeded my considerable expections and continue to do so, an exceptional value IMO.
Tubegroover,Ive had my Chardonnay since 2005,sounds great. .The power button gave out,and Mick sent me another.My poweramp went out and now the 6SN7s will not power up.Anyone know of a good tech in Bradenton /Sarasota area of Fl.