supratek HT bypass question

i have never used a HT bypass before, and don't want to make a mistake and hurt my equipment. can i take my supratek out of bypass to listen to cd's WITHOUT turning off my HT AVR? i would like to occasionally listen to 2 channel music (supratek) and watch TV (AVR) at the same time. i would of course mute or turn down the volume to zero on the AVR. would this hurt anything?
An HT bypass switch connects the HT input directly to the preamp output, with no attenuation or gain (AKA unity gain). Therefore, with the switch engaged, the front Left and Right channel volume is controlled by the AVR.

I do not believe that there will be any problems if you disengage the HT bypass switch with preamp and AVR muted.
The AVR signal will behave as any other non-selected source: silence.
If you hear slight crosstalk between the music and the AVR signal (very unlikely), mute the AVR.
thanx you casouza!
I own a Supratek Chenin and the answer is - no problem.

I actually use the HT switch as my mute switch, and have disconnected the "mute" switch as it is redundant if you have the HT option, and a simpler signal path is always better.