Supratek Chardonnay ins & outs

People at the "deal of the century" thread seem to be too much involved in a hot subtopic to answer my call. As so I have decided to put it in a new thread. Once again:

"Hey, can anyone share a backside picture (big enough) of a SUPRATEK Chardonnay preamp (if possible with XLR outputs)? I need to know how Supratek inputs (RCA) and outputs (RCA + XLR) are organized. Where they stand and if they are placed right & left or up & down, etc. A drawing would be perfect also. Thanks!"
These amps are custom built. The buyer specifies the number of inputs and outputs they want so a diagram you get from someone may or may not match your amp.

I would enlist the assistance of a competent technician who should be able to identify the inputs and ouputs.
Hello Lisbon. Email Mick at supratex, I am sure he will answer all your questions.
Supratex? I think they have those at Happy Hour at Chevy's don't they...?

Lets put this question to rest. My Cortese is at a friends house or I'd have replied by now with a photo.

I believe there are a total of 6 RCA inputs which can be any combination or function you choose including phono, CD, FM, HT bypass, etc. Also, a tape loop is available. The units have 2 RCA outputs and in addition, some may have one XLR output. Preamps without XLR outputs may have additional inputs or RCA outputs.

The whole thing is customizable to YOUR situation, needs, wants, etc.

On every Supratek I've owned, the inputs/outputs are all top to bottom:

RCA Input
Left    (o)
Right  (o)

Outputs are the same

RCA Output
Left    (o)
Right  (o)

The XLR's are also top to bottom.

The inputs are on the left and the outputs are on the right with the XLR's on the far right, followed by the DC power connector.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Bwhite. It helped a lot.

Left RCA input on the top and right on the bottom is good. It is like my Meridian (source). Top to bottom RCA outputs is also ok. What I find a bit strange is XLR outputs being top to bottom instead of left and right. NOt so good for my PLinius SA-102... Maybe Mick can change that for me, don't you think so?
Lisbon, I'm not sure if he can or can not change the location of the XLR's. There might be enough room to do that.

I guess I am failing to understand why you think the top-to-bottom orientation of the XLR's will not work with your Plinius.