Supratek Chardonnay and V-caps

I have played with different coupling caps in this preamp: Auricaps, Ft-3 teflons - 0.44 uf only-, Mundordf SiO's and TFTF V-caps. The best and most musical having beling the Mundorf's. The other day one of the leads in one of them broke off at the cap's end and had to install my v-caps until I replace the Mundorf's.

I had not used theise caps for a long time and did not really remember what their performance was....

Well, they definetey do not compliment the Supratek in the sense that any voice tizziness or excessive sibilance in the recording is accentuated. I do not know if that might qualify as transparency or as showing off what is really there in the recording or an incompatibility with the Supratek design. I've read in the Deal of the Century thread about other users having a love affairvwith V-Caps in their Supra's.... so if anyone there still has the same setup I would appreciate comments....BTW, the caps have break in.